Hummingbirds at Noon

Flaming Vase

Hummingbirds in the Afternoon

Flaming Red Dancing Vase

Blue Vase

Hummingbird Dreaming

Melting Vase

Carved Face Vases

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Purple Mini Vase

Hummingbirds at Dawn

Bluebird Vase

Bluebird Website

Pirouette  Vases

Meditation Vase

Contemporary, one-of-a-kind vases for home décor are the mainstay of EarthDances Pottery, with each piece uniquely formed and glazed. Although the vases are initially configured into a classic cylindrical shape, most are altered into sculptural artwork that seems to dance. Those that retain a traditional shape are covered with paintings of hummingbirds, leaves, and flowers, so the surface artwork is reminiscent of nature's lively energies.

The Tall Dancing Vases are perfect accent pieces in any room of the home, either with living flowers or as eye-catching sculptures. The Medium Sized Vases serve as tabletop centerpieces, while the Small and Miniature Vases accentuate small areas of a room and corners. The Carved Face Vases add a tactile dimension to the smooth lines of a vase, creating attractive artwork for shelves or other shallow surfaces. The Pirouette Vases each bring movement and vertical energy to a large space as a stand-alone piece of sculpture. The Rainbow Vases are glazed with colors that blend into each other, as in a rainbow. All vases are watertight and will not fade in direct sunlight.

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Blue Mini Vase

Ceramic Vases

Leaf Vase

Dances with Hummingbirds

Marbled Blue Turning


Small Green Vase

Waterfall Vase

Blooming Vase

Dances With Hummingbirds Vase

​​Medium Vases

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EarthDances Pottery

​​Tall Dancing Vases

Where a dancer's hands bring clay to life

Pirouettes with Hummingbirds-2

Prayer Vase

Hummingbirds in the Morning

Small Dancing Vases

Dancing Mermaids

Mermaids Emerging

Award-winning vase

Red Bud Vase

Pirouettes with Hummingbirds

Mermaids in the Mist

Black & Red Polka

Sunlit Whirling Birds

Rainbow Vases

Sunlit Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds at Dusk