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Hummingbird Serving Bowl - 15 inches

Hummingbird Serving Bowl - 16 inches

These contemporary ceramic serving plates, platters, and bowls are created to beautify any tabletop with colorful, intriguing shapes. They are fully functional, with food-safe glazes and convenient areas for resting serving utensils. Hummingbirds and flowers are featured along with other elements of nature. Each is a centerpiece and an expression of art for everyday living.

Every one-of-a-kind piece of pottery is handcrafted. The large leaf platters are made from rhubarb leaves, so the pottery follows the anatomical structure of a leaf. The other pieces are also handcrafted and then painted with pigmented liquid clay to bring color and lively movement to the artwork. In some cases, the traditional bowl or plate shape has been altered to amplify the painting on its surface. Their broad appeal makes them an ideal housewarming or wedding gift for any nature lover.   

Ruffled Feathers Serving Bowl - 15 inches

Jade Green Rhubarb Leaf Platter - 16 Inches Long

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Round Hummingbird Plate - 10 Inches

Ceramic Bowls, Platters, and Plates

Hummingbird Oval Platter - 17 inches

Hummingbird Serving Set in Yellow:  Plate, Oval Bowl, Butter Dish

Hummingbird Sushi Plate - 7.5 Inches

Hummingbird Oval Platter - 16 inches

Scalloped Leaf Serving Bowl - 14 Inches

Scalloped Hummingbird Plate - 10 Inches

EarthDances Pottery

Celadon Rhubarb Leaf Platter - 15 inches Long