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EarthDances Pottery

 Judith Lerner Taylor became fascinated with pottery as a teenager, but it wasn’t until she completed one career as a dancer (Soloist with American Ballet Theater), and then a second career as an executive in pharmaceutical marketing, that she found her way back to her enduring passion: ceramic arts. In recognition of her deep-rooted connection to the energy and spirit of dance, she has aptly named her pottery business EarthDances®.

Judith learned the fundamentals of her craft from several master potters in the Northeastern United States and continues to develop her technique with the same discipline she applied to ballet. Movement remains a fundamental element throughout her ceramic repertoire, both in the graceful dimensions of her wheel-thrown pieces as well as in the unique designs and colors of her glazes. Her deep love for the natural world has found its way into her art in the form of leaves, flowers, and birds.

Her work is now on exhibit in galleries in New Jersey and Connecticut, and she participates in several art exhibits and craft shows annually, including the shows of the Potters' Guild of New Jersey, an organization of which she was President (2004-2006).

About the Ceramic Artist

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Artist's Statement

"Pottery connects us with the earliest traditions of our civilization and culture, because it is one of our oldest and most enduring creative endeavors.

"Dance not only links us with our past, but it also connects us with each other through its ability to convey a vast range of expression.

"I strive to infuse movement into all my ceramic pieces, so that my pottery instills in others the sense of joy, exhilaration, and lightness of dancing."  

Judith Taylor