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Medium Hummingbird Pitcher

Tall Jade Green Pitcher

Tall Blue Marbled Pitcher

Tall Speckled White Pitcher

Pitcher "With an Attitude"

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These contemporary, one-of-a-kind, handmade pitchers bring a new dimension to the traditional vase with the addition of long, graceful handles. Each pitcher is created as sculptural artwork to beautify the home, while also being fully functional.

Food-safe glazes enhance the usability of these eye-catching centerpieces for large spaces and accents on tabletops. Many are decorated with hummingbirds, leaves, and flowers to accentuate the flowing lines of the pottery. All express movement and energy in their shapes and glazes, and some of which have an Art Nouveau quality.

Tall Hummingbird Pitcher

Black Marbled Pitcher

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Snake-skin Blue Pitcher

Ceramic Pitchers