EarthDances Pottery

Waltz of the Flowers ~ 4 Nesting Bowls

Ikebana Vase 

Globe Vase

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Waltz of the Flowers ~ 5 Nesting Bowls

Bluebird Mug

Bluebird Website

Heart Chakra Vase 

Two Swans

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Bird Vase.

Where a dancer's hands bring clay to life

Bird Sculptures

These contemporary, sometimes whimsical, ceramic vases and bowls are one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork to beautify the home or tabletop. Each has its own story to tell, such as: the Décolletage vase enjoys a very low-cut "neckline"; the Ikebana Vase unites an ancient Japanese tradition with Western-Hemisphere hummingbirds; the Heart Chakra vase depicts the mythical interpretation of hummingbirds as they relate to loving connections; and the Waltz-of-the-Flowers bowls suggest the multi-layered tutus worn in a ballet.  

The pottery on this page express a delicate blend of the love of dance, the earth, and the natural world. 

Diverse Ceramic Shapes

Snakeskin  Blue Planter

Waltz of the Flowers ~ 3 Nesting Bowls

Décolletage Vase