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The avian spirit permeates the soul of any dancer, and birds often emerge as fundamental design elements in my work. After having the life-changing experience of holding a wild bluebird in my open hand, I began creating small sculptures of birds. The diminutive pieces measure about 5.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide, with a base height of about 3 inches.

Some I made hollow with an opening on the top, so they could be used as small vases to hold living flowers for table settings or in small spaces. These I painted with a liquid pigmented clay and refired  to set a clear, watertight glaze on the inside and outside. Others I created as small  bird sculptures, with a uniform glaze over the entire surface that would emphasize the graceful shape of the piece.  Each one fits gently in the palm of my hand, just as the bluebird did in an enchanted Connecticut meadow

Recreations of these pieces are available at my online shop

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Bird Sculptures