This unusual vase is also from my early experiments with opening the necks of vases. In this case, after carving and creating open 'arms' with the top of the vase, I flattened the front of the vase and painted a heart to echo the rounded shape of the walls of the vessel. 
As hummingbirds seem to appear on much of EarthDances Pottery, it is not a surprise to see one hovering in the heart area, feasting on some flowers among light green leaves. Similar painted flowers rise out of the neck of the vase, and the remainder of the vessel is painted with a dark marbled green to frame the wildlife artwork. After painting and firing the piece, I covered it with a clear glaze and refired it to create a watertight vessel. 

This vase is fully functional to hold water for living flowers, but it can also be enjoyed empty, as a piece of sculpture, where the painting takes the place of living flowers.

A recreation of this vase is available by special order from my online shop

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